Stop the Train, is being developed to inform residents of the Orange and Durham counties of North Carolina about serious problems at the heart of the Durham Orange Light Rail project.

Because these problems haven’t been openly debated or presented to the public they are not being addressed as the project moves toward final approval, funding, and construction. Important questions are not being asked, and therefore even many of the people working on the project appear to have no idea that these problems exist.

Please don’t misunderstand: Triangle Transit is staffed by good people who want to offer the best public transit system they can get funding for, and they are clearly trying to keep their activities and decisions properly available to the public. Documents and high-tech models are posted on their website for anyone interested enough to search.

But, at the same time, it is their job to present this train in as positive a light as possible, helping to sell the idea to the public and keep the project moving forward on schedule.

We are headed towards spending billions of dollars on a project that is likely to harm more people than it helps and burdens us with ongoing costs that will seriously limit the ability of our public transit system to adapt to major changes in ground transportation that are coming in the very near future.


What Don’t You Know About This Transit Project?

A great deal, most likely. Many important issues have not yet been brought to the public’s attention. Please take the time to review a few of the short articles on this site, then bookmark us because a good deal more is coming. As this site is further developed, we’ll fill you in on topics including:

  • The tremendous cost-per-rider built into the system, even when calculations are based on GoTriangle’s own inflated predictions.
  • Why this rail system will fail to take cars off the roads or relieve traffic in any way.
  • The new transportation technology that will cause massive changes in both public and private ground transportation.
  • How the lack of flexibility inherent in a rail system will hinder our ability to adapt to the fast-changing transit realities in the near future.
  • The damage to the quality of life and neighborhoods along the planned rail system that the system will cause.
  • Why car owners (and others) will find that it takes longer to get to work if they take the train than if they simply drive.
  • How ongoing operation and maintanence costs for the rail system will limit the ability of our public transit system to grow and adapt in the future.
  • How the most financially disadvantaged residents will be paying more for public transportation yet getting less if this system is built.
  • What problem is the transit authorities really trying to solve with this project?
  • Are there better solutions for the problem the transit services are trying to solve?


What You Can Do Now

This site is going to grow over the next few months. Many more pages need to be put up to clarify the depth of the trouble this project could cause for residents if it is allowed to go through.  You can send feedback, volunteer time or resources to help out, or have your own ideas explained on the website: just use the Contact page!

Please bookmark this site and send the link to friends, family and coworkers who live and/or work in Orange or Durham counties. It is important that more people learn about the issues that haven’t been addressed. Many people believe that the light rail project is something that’s already been fully decided upon by political forces above their heads, and that just isn’t so. But to have the most impact we need to get the word out to a sizeable number of people.


With a little bit of help from a big group of people



We Can Stop the Train!